The Head teacher and Principal/Pastor assess each case on merit. Here are our guidelines:

  • An interview between the Pastor, the Principal and the prospective students and their parents is mandatory prior to admission.
  • Entrance is not based upon IQ or achievement. A prospective student must, however, not be a social or moral liability to other children.
  • All children who are admitted must attend a day of academic diagnostic testing where the appropriate level of curriculum for each child may be assessed.
  • Parents and students must accept the school’s conduct and discipline policies as outlined in the relevant section of our Prospectus and as enlarged upon by the Principal during the Admission interview.
  • All parents whose children are admitted must do a Parent Orientation training day in which you will benefit greatly by gaining knowledge and understanding in the Accelerated Christian Education system.
  • It is advised that students who are admitted attend the school’s church fellowship at least once a month at Paragon Chapel with a member of their family. We have services on Saturday at 7.30pm and Sunday at 6.30pm.
  • The school is part of the ministry of World Vision for Christ. It is important for the development of students that parents and church body work together and support each other.

Admission application form

Download the PCA admission application form here