Newsletter October 2018

Operation Christmas Child

We would like to support Operation Christmas Child (OCC) again this year by filling shoe boxes with gifts for children around the world who are living in poor and sometimes desperate conditions. There is a leaflet enclosed with this newsletter that gives gift suggestions and details of how to pack your shoe boxes. We are also hoping that in November the senior students will be able to volunteer a day to help check and pack the shoe boxes at one of the OCC distribution centres. The shoe boxes should be brought in to school by  Tuesday 7th November. It is suggested by OCC that £5 is enclosed to help with shipping costs.


Please ensure that your child/children come to school in full,  school uniform every day. No logos are allowed, only the school badge. All uniforms must be clean, tidy, ironed and the correct uniform. We have  noticed some  students wearing untidy uniform and  this is not how we want our school to be projected. 

Please see our uniform guidelines for the full school uniform list. This can be found on our school website ( and also on our school uniform web page (

Collection Times

We have noticed that some parents are arriving later and later to collect their children. Except in the case of an emergency, phoning the school to warn us does not excuse the late pick up of children.  Late charges will be applied if your child is not picked up on time.

The staff use the time after the students have left to prepare for the next day and to complete any work that was unable to be completed throughout the day. The staff also need to cover the After School Club. Please make sure you phone early in the day if you wish your child/children to stay at After School Club.

Newsletter October 2018