Newsletter May 2017

Student Convention

Newsletter May 2017

The senior students of PCA did very well at the annual Student Convention in Somerset. They competed in various events against many schools and home-schools from across Europe. They also had the opportunity to meet other students who are following the ACE Curriculum. 

PCA won medals in the following events:

  • Poetry Recitation: 2nd & 3rd
  • Short Story Writing: 1st
  • Monologue: 1st 
  • Male 5-a-Side: 3rd
  • Female 5-a-Side: 3rd 
  • Male Tennis Doubles: 2nd 
  • Female Tennis Singles: 2nd
  • Digital Photography: 2nd & 3rd 
  • Black & White Scenic Photography: 3rd
  • Female Long Jump: 3rd 
  • Communication and Potential Leadership Award.
  • Ensemble: 3rd
  • Basketball: 2nd
  • Netball: 3rd

Re-Enrolment Forms and Home School Agreement

Enclosed are your re-enrolment forms and a new Home School Agreement. Every year the Home School Agreement is amended and sent out to all parents. This is an agreement between the school and the parents to work together in the education of their children. We would like you to read it thoroughly as changes have been made since last year. When you re-enrol your children, you will be asked to sign this agreement once again. Once you have read the Home-School Agreement, and you agree to the terms, please sign the re-enrolment form and return it to PCA. Students aged 10 and above will also need to sign the student contract on page 10 of the Home School Agreement. Please read through this with your child so they understand the wording.

The re-enrolment forms and student contacts must be returned to school by Friday 9th June. If we do not receive your re-enrolment form by then, we will assume that your child/children will not be returning to PCA.

Uniform Shop

We have an online uniform shop set up, which is active. The website is:

You can purchase most school items from there and there is an updated uniform requirement list on the ‘Help and Information Page’. We are hoping this will make ordering uniforms easier for you and there is the option of having your items delivered straight to you. Any pieces of uniform that have our badge on need to be sent away to be embroidered, so please make sure you order early to prevent delays.

Please bear in mind that if you choose to collect from school, the order will not be placed until we have a minimum of 10 orders completed.

CEE Prayer Meeting

CEE will be holding their Regional Prayer & Partnership meeting this month. This will be held on Saturday 13th May 2017 and will run from 9:00am – 11:00am. This will be a time of Prayer, Fellowship and Breakfast for people involved with Christian Education. The meeting will be hosted at Promised Land Academy, St Cedds Hall, Foster Road, Plaistow, London, E13 8SR. Parents are welcome to come. If you would like to attend, please email so they can ensure they have enough catering supplied.

School Fees

Please remember that all school fees must be paid on time in July and August. Our yearly fees are divided into 12 monthly payments, which includes July and August. Any late payments will incur a charge.

Poetry Writing Competition 

A number of students from the Seniors and the Juniors entered a poetry competition. Some of them had their poems selected to be published in a poetry book. As soon as we have the information on the published book, we will send you the details.

Newsletter May 2017