Newsletter November 2016

Newsletter November 2016

Christmas Performance

The PCA Christmas Performance will be held on Saturday 10th December, starting at 6pm. Students need to be at school in full, clean uniform for 5:30pm. 

Each child should have been told which costume they need for their class play. If you do have any queries regarding which costume to supply, please speak to your child’s Supervisor. 

Because of the Christmas performance, the students will need to wear their sport’s kit on Friday 9th December. This will give you time to wash their full uniforms and have them ready for Saturday evening.

Food for the Christmas Performance

We would like to invite and encourage you to bring some food for the Christmas Performance. If you would like to bring a dish of something, or some sandwiches along, please speak to Miss Marie. We will be having a cold buffet style dinner, so please bear this in mind.

Video and Photography – Child Protection

Due to Child Protection laws, we have to make all parents aware of the issues regarding videoing and photographing the school performances. We have to request that videos and photographs of other people’s children should not be posted on the internet, as this breaches Child Protection guidelines. Please be aware of this. You may video and take photographs, but please do not put the content on the internet unless you have the children’s parents permission.

Newsletter November 2016

Secret Santa

Each class will be doing Secret Santa again. There is a £5 limit on gifts. Please do not buy clothes for your child’s Secret Santa. Gifts need to be in by Monday 19th December. Your child or your child’s supervisor will inform you which child you need to buy for.

Newsletter November 2016